Enter the exciting world of animation. Improve your skills and career opportunities in the animation industry with our 3D animation courses.


From flying cars to flying superheroes! Create high-quality visual effects (VFX) for films, TV, advertisements & games.


Make work as fun as play! Create your own games for PCs, laptops, mobiles and tablets.


Build a career in web designing, graphics, and print & publishing.


MAAC Nagpur Laxmi Nagar is a team passionate of providing an environment that creates dynamic individuals and harnesses the collective effort of all stakeholders in the pursuit of creative excellence in 3D Animation, Film Making, Graphic Designing, Web Designing and sparing no efforts in bringing you the best of Animation Education.


    * MAAC is a high-end 3D Animation & VFX education brand of Aptech Ltd.

    * Pioneer in professional 3D & 2D Animation, VFX, Film making, Web & Graphics Designing, and Gaming education.

    * 14 years of rich experience.

    * Course modules developed by Industry Experts.

    * Library facility with international books.

    * Experienced Faculties.


  • A student can excel if he/she is given the right mentoring at an early stage. Everyone doesn't have equal talents, but all should have an equal opportunity to develop their respective talents. This is what MAAC excels in and I admire my decision to choose this institute.
    Ruma Rahangdale
    Rockstar Studios
  • MAAC is overall a new experience, where creativity is given topmost priority with full freedom to explore. It is an excellent platform where I can fly to my dreams. I am thankful to all my teachers who have been helping me to shape my career in the right direction.
  • Animation & Visual Effects for me in one line is "BRINGING VISION to LIVE". To succeed with this DREAM of mine, MAAC Laxmi Nagar was the PERFECT CHOICE which SHAPED my VISION & BROUGHT it to LIVE.
    Mayur Kawale
    Prana Studios
  • A well-equipped infrastructure with competent faculty is all what a student seeks to get his/her skills nurtured and that is what MAAC Laxmi Nagar has provided. The friendly environment and teaching techniques helped bringing the hidden creativity out of me.
    Ojaswini Jha
    HMX Studios
  • A perfect platform for shaping your career. Well equipped infra and friendly faculty who will guide you at every stage for your growth.
    Abhishek Dixit
    Maya Entertainment
  • MAAC is a place where your creativity is encouraged to achieve heights. Faculty who is always there to help you, clear your doubts and motivate you to perform better day by day. Best placements.
    Rohit Zanzote
  • MAAC has helped in bringing my imagination and creativity to life. A very warm and friendly environment where you academic needs are taken care of. Placement is never an issue at MAAC as the institute provide you with the best placements.
    Pawan Tiwari
  • For me VFX and Animation were only limited to television but MAAC helped me to explore this field in best possible way. Well experienced faculty who will continuosly guide and encorage you in all aspects of life. Never felt like it was an institute, it always gave us the feeling of family. It was wonderful experience to be a part of MAAC.
    Sanket Sharma
    Double Negative
  • An ultimate place to learn VFX & Animation. Experienced faculty who guides you at every step of your career. Offers best placements.
    Snehal Meshram
  • MAAC has a wonderful faculty who is experienced and cooperative. Provides placement in the best studios. A very healthy and positive environment.
    Shristi Sanyal
  • I was not much aware of this industry but after joining MAAC can say one of the best and interesting career to choose from. MAAC offers you best placement in the industry
    Vikrant Joshi
    Double Negative
  • A place where all my confusion related to career got cleared. Very cordial and friendly relationship between the students and faculties. Animation at its best in MAAC. Continous efforts by the institute to enhance your work and career makes it’s the best place.
    Palash Soni
  • Thank you MAAC for guiding me to choose correct career path. Friendly and warm environment with best staff who is very helpful. Continous efforts in placing students at best places.
    Siddharth Patel
    Rockstar Studios
  • MAAC has guided me in the best way to shape my career. Excellent place to learn animation with well equipped lab, professional faculties , library etc.
    Rohini Chapre
    Maya Entertainment
  • Initially was confused about this field but thanks to MAAC who guided me perfectly and now am happy that I chose MAAC. Best placement record.
    Roshani Sahare
    Maya Entertainment
  • It was a great experience and great time for me with MAAC Nagpur, Laxmi Nagar. Full of Technics, methods and challenges which take you deep inside the world of VFX. Great, supportive and lovely faculty who will never let you down. Lovely and kind administrative staff,Thanks to MAAC and all who contributed to my success.
    Sanket Bhaisare
  • I've pleased to studied in Maac Nagpur Laxmi Nagar, it is good experience and gain lots of knowledge which helping me to par sued my dream in career, great staff, teaches well having fun while studying, great culture, i am thanking Maac Nagpur Laxmi Nagar for supporting me feels great.
    Rahul Bhaisare
  • Being in MAAC  Nagpur my experience was best ! Because MAAC Nagpur is best place to learn vfx and animation course with friendly nature faculty and it's Creative atmosphere.Make me fun to learn!Maac is best place to learn vfx and animation course with friendly nature faculty in Creative atmosphere.
    Arpit Bodhe
  • Maac Nagpur laxmi nagar  is the  best institute in Nagpur. The staff is more cooperative. I was able to read it well from the institute and I got a job soon. This institute is the best and I love it.
    Chetan Urkude
  • One of the finest institution to learn animation with best teaching and non teaching staff.
    Paritosh Rao
    Pixel Digital
  • Amazing experience with Maac Nagpur Laxmi Nagar.
    Prajwal Bhagat
    Ask EHS Engineering & consultants Pvt.Ltd
  • Friendly atmosphere , good place to learn Animation.
    Khushal Gaydhane
    Pixel Digital