With 100% placement help, maac can be specialised to offer greatest recruitment help after finishing the course. This manner, we assist our college students within the recruitment course of of varied companies and animation studios to be employed for a number of roles, as per their organizational needs within the animation, web and vfx trade, we're dedicated and specialised to offer high quality schooling to make our students glorious of their profession path. Our placement data reside proof of the above talked about assertion. Many students of maac at the moment are having fun with a rewarding profession in probably the most prestigious firms the world over. As well as, maac additionally provides profession counseling to the students before taking campus interviews organized by exterior recruiters.

Maac Nagpur

Name Company Designation
Abhay Chaterjee Prana FX Artist
Abhishek Dixit Xentrix Compositing Artist
Aditi Zoting Times of India Graphics Designer
Aditya Verma Toonz+ Academy Mentor
Alokdutta Pandey Thinking Bird’s Graphics Designer
Amit Bokde Five Fingures Founder
Anirudh Jaipurkar Freelancer Animator
Anirudh Kurve Anibrains Matchmoving Artist
Ankush Bhaturkar Freelancer Architectural Animation
Arun Kharatkar Animotive Modeller
Ashay Nale Relic Animator
Ashish M Crest Animation Modeller
Ashiwini Nimje Prime Focus Compositing Artist
Ashutosh Karemore MPC Matchmoving Artist
Aslam Khanani Freelancer Architectural Animation
Avi Kocher Relic Animator
Avinash Rahangdale Bravura Mentor
Batul Kumushi Free Lancer Architectural Animation
Chandraneel Meshram Anibrains Compositing Artist
Deepti Ashani Freelancer Architectural Animation
Deepti Jain Mexus Surfacing Artist
Dhananjay Muley DQ Surfacing Artist
Dharamraj Pardhi Deshonati Graphics Designer
Dhawal Bangde Arena Mentor
Dipanshu Batrakhaye Maya Digial Compositing Artist
Gautam Tingre Architect’s Plot Architectural Animation
Gunjan Ladhha Sahara TV Editor
Gunwant Lade Prime Focus Roto Artist
Harshal Hade Maya Digial Compositing Artist
Harshal Ramteke Mexus Modeller
Ishwardas Tupkar Tata Elxsi Modeller
Jagdish Fuke Maac Mentor
Jayati Raju Freelancer, Dubai Architectural Animation
Jimmy Tiokam DQ Lighting Artist
Jitendra Bagde Reliance Media Modeller
Jyoti Singh DQ Modeller
Khushboo Dewadiya Reliance Media Surfacing Artist
Kiran kale Prana Surfacing Artist
Mahesh Bawane Freelancer Architectural Animation
Mahesh Umredkar Graphics Designer
Manish Thakur Prana Surfacing Artist
Mayur Kawale R & H Compositing Artist
Meenal Marawar Bravura Mentor
Mithun Chowdhary Mexus Surfacing Artist
Naresh S India TV Editor
Nihal B India News Editor
Nikhil Chittatwar Prime Focu’s Roto Artist
Nikhil Sharma Maac Mentor
Nikhilesh Hardas MPC Sn. Surfacing Artist
Ojaswini Jha HMX Studio Surfacing Artist
Onkar Dahare Xentixs FX Artist
Omkar Kusre Maac Mentor
Parag Choudhary Arena Mentor
Paranv Jain Anytricks Animator
Parth Bhisen 88 Pictures FX Artist
Pavan Thakur Architectural Animation Firm Architectural Animation
Pawan Gundiyal Prime Focus Roto Artist
Pawan Tiwari MPC Matchmoving Artist
Prachi Jawade Helix Modeller
Prajyot Sheje Krisom Vertex Modeller
Pranita Kandurwar Prime Focus Roto Artist
Pratiksha Ayalwar MEL Animator
Pravin Nighote Prime focus Roto Artist
Pritam Shendre Xentixs Lighting Artist
Priya Saraf Krisom Vertex Modeller
Priyanka Ghadke Freelancer Architectural Animation
Pushpak Ramteke Freelancer Architectural Animation
Rahul Jagdale Prime Focus FX Artist
Rahul Mahajan Prime focus Roto Artist
Rajesh Bagde Maac Mentor
Rajesh Pahalewar Prime Focus Roto Artist
Rani Nipunge Prime Focus Roto Artist
Ravi Rao Free Lancer Web/Graphic
Raxit Gandhi MAAC Mentor
Richa Gupta Mind Space  Surfacing Artist
Rishab Bhosle Bioscopwala Animator
Rohan Chowdhary Architectural Animation Firm Architectural Animation
Rohan John TOTO India Desinging Head, India
Rohit G Papricas Animator
Rohit Karwade Xentixs FX Artist
Rohit Suryawanshi Labyrinth Cinematics Modeller
Rujuta Chowdhary DQ Animator
Sachin Ilamkar Pixion Modeller
Sachin Meshram Futurecraft Animator
Sagar Funde Weta Digital Animator
Sandeep Mandal Maac Mentor
Sanket Agase Prana Compositing Artist
Sanket Sharma Double Negative Matchmoving Artist
Satish Derkar Design Media Work Graphics Designer
Shailndra Sanoye Free Lancer Graphics Designer
Shashikant Rewade Free Lancer Graphics Designer
Sheetal Bokde DQ Animator
Sherays Kshirsagar 88 Pictures FX Artist
Shilpa Uttarwar Compufield Institute Mentor
Shrikant Batra Maac Mentor
Shrishti Sanyal MPC Matchmoving Artist
Shruti Nisal Affix Infinity Graphics Designer
Shubham Jha Maya Digial Animator
Siddharth Sinha Prime Focus Roto Artist
Sneha Giri MSBT Graphics Designer
Snehal Dongre Digital Bluemoon Modeller
Suchita Wase Lavel G3 Graphics Designer
Sudhir Nihare Efx Concept Artist
Sumit Parchand Maac Sn. Mentor/Technical Head
Sumit Tandulkar Rudrasha Graphics Designer
Sunita Yadav Platys Group Modeller
Suraj Gore Prana Studios Modeller
Suraj S Big Animation Modeller
Surendra Rahangdale Crazons Compositing Artist
Surya Poranik Free Lancer Graphics Designer
Suyash Ladhhar Digital Arts Architectural Animation
Swapnil Bambrutwar Maac Mentor
Swapnil W City News Editor
Swapnil Ray Free Lancer Web/Graphic
Tejas Deshpande Inovative Animation FX Artist
Tilak Deshmukh Animotive Modeller
Tushar Tawade Anibrains Matchmoving Artist
Vaibha Badole Crazons Compositing Artist
Vaibhav R Designo Media Work Surfacing Artist
Vamshidhar Pulpati Times of India Graphics Designer
Yogesh Karyam Maac Mentor
Harshal Harne MPC Surfacing Artist
Snehal Meshram MPC Surfacing Artist
Rahul Jagdale Prana
Sourabh Saharkar Zinga system designer
Ruma Rahangdale rockstar Development Assitant
Siddharth Patel rockstar Development Assitant
Vikrant Joshi Maya Digital Studios Lighting Artist
Rohit Zanzote MPC Surfacing Artist